About OABS
Our areas of specialization:
Agricultural and applied economics

Agricultural information services

  • Database management,
  • Product flow,
  • Marketing information,
  • Strategic information (farm surveys).

Whole farm plans

  • Pricing and risk management,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Financing options,
  • State-of-the-art production technologies,
  • Strategic operational planning models (linear and non-linear) to do viability studies and farm level strategic planning for producers in order to facilitate decision-making about crop selection.

Strategic planning

  • Agribusiness assistance through comprehensive analyses and planning processes to identify new business goals and strategies for long-term growth and market success,
  • Customized, comprehensive strategic planning, facilitation, risk analysis and implementation services.

Business planning services

  • Comprehensive business planning services to meet the diverse needs of agribusiness firms and farming companies in increasingly complex market environments,
  • Assistance with clients’ business objectives and goals,
  • Design of short and long term strategies to achieve business success,
  • Start-up planning (to obtain appropriate funding)
  • Growth and expansion plans for established commercial as well as emerging agribusinesses.


  • Quantitative and qualitative market research, including surveys, in-depth interviews, market overviews, sector overviews and focus groups,
  • Extensive research in water resource management and climate change.

Strategic Market Analysis

  • Market analysis throughout the entire agri-business value chain,
  • Combines field research, market analysis, client resource evaluation and strategic thinking to develop realistic and effective marketing plans,
  • Market studies and profiles, strategic marketing plans as well as commercial development strategies for alternative uses of traditional crops and livestock products.

Feasibility studies and compilation of business plans

OABS follows a holistic approach when considering the feasibility of a specific project on farm, agribusiness or agro-processing level. Its multidisciplinary project team has the capability to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies which include the technical, environmental, economic, financial and institutional aspects of a project, as well as compile comprehensive business plans, based on the results of the feasibility studies in accordance with the needs and requirements of the various potential investors and clients.

Professional Valuation services

OABS’s current professional valuer (Pine Pienaar) has 25 years’ experience in farm valuation for, inter alia, ABSA, the Land Claims Commissioner, the Department of Land Affairs and a host of agri-businesses and individual farmers. He was also responsible for the development of guidelines used by valuers in land claim cases, evaluation of the quality of valuations, as well as explaining the land claim valuations to the land owners.

Institutional and social services

Development Support Services to support the sustainable development of previously disadvantaged farmers and farming communities with the emphasis on:

  • Strengthening of social capital,
  • Institutional development,
  • Facilitation of capacity development of emerging farmers in order to create and maintain sustainable and profitable businesses,
  • Operational analyses of emerging farmer activities to facilitate implementation of transparent, accountable and efficient management structures,
  • Information exchange,
  • Elevation of the depth of community participation,
  • Pro-active advice and information,
  • Project management & community development initiatives.
Technical services

The main focus here is to provide a support service in the company:

  • Drone Technology Application,
  • Basic assessments, scoping reports and full environmental impact assessments for feasibility studies as required prior to implementation of projects,
  • Soil and water quality,
  • Physical/biological adaptability of crops and livestock,
  • Technical aspects of crop and livestock production,
  • Marketing logistics,
  • Enterprise gross margin analysis,
  • Professional valuation services.